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Being aware of what to make a choice in a wide market is a frequent challenge when discussing about online article writing offerings. With troubles covering anything from companies that are fraud or scam to very poor composing, awful customer service and a lot of other kinds of unsatisfactory features, it is crucial that learners have a reliable, fair source of material.

This is why we are proud of every single overview that we write. Our most beneficial passion is that college students make the most of a qualified guidance that sincerely demonstrates the worth they receive for their cash. It’s the only way that promises our reality ultimately. In the end, belief is the hardest aspect to earn.

Presently here is our rating of EssayShark.


One of the first points we spotted was that the web page was very short on information: no opinions and examples were to be found.

An element that drew our attention was a web page called “Our top writers.” We supposed to see some verifiable names and testimonials, but all we came across were online nicknames of what they assert to be their article authors, alongside with some rankings and data that are hard to consider and not possible to confirm. If their authors in reality had a virtually perfect rating after countless arranges, we find it tough to recognize why they wouldn’t give a simple report sample to their name. For sure, it would weigh a lot more than finding an unlikely range of 10/10 rates.

One other thing that we noticed, both from the composing area and from our request, was their article authors handle a silly amount of topics. We can’t quite recognize how the same individual can have diplomas in math, biology, psychology, economics, chemistry and lots of others.

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Price ranges

Price ranges grown into regular, besides the bidding method. There are no discounts available: no promo code for brand new customers and no discount codes over time.


Support Standard

The FAQ chapter brings up using both native and non-native English speakers. What we gained was plainly from the latter group. Our article introduced different problems that reflected the complaints that other consumers had: cases of very poor sentence structure and vocabulary were typically witnessed. And we did make the best option of a writer with what was available at the moment of our order. Another thing we noticed was that the same copywriters were bidding for various areas of proficiency: economics, psychology, computer science and many others. It is hard to believe that you’ll find individuals centered on numerous niches.

In the end, the service standard was not acceptable.

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Customer help and staff

User aid for EssayShark is only accessible in email form, turning it into considerably slower compared to what competitors give.



EssayShark leaves us with an awful impression, with price ranges being the only point that seems to be regular. Our score is 2 out of 5 stars.

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